Neural Basis of Social Behavior
The Neunuebel Neuroscience Lab
Dept. of Psychological and Brain Sciences
Undergraduate Research
Talented and ambitious undergraduate students interested in studying social behavior and the neural circuits that process social information are encouraged to apply for a position in the lab. Students will work in groups of 2-3 and each group will undertake a single project aimed at understanding the social behavior of mice. Groups will be lead by the principle investigator or senior lab members. When working in lab, you can learn about animal behavioral assays, in vivo electrophysiology, neural anatomy, computer programing, sound source localization techniques, and methodologies for manipulating olfactory and auditory sensory information. If you are interested joining the lab or have questions, please contact Dr. Neunuebel.
Graduate Research
Exceptional and highly motivated students that are interested in pursuing a doctoral degree in behavioral and systems neuroscience are always welcomed in the Neunuebel Lab. The lab, which is affiliated with the Behavioral Neuroscience Area within the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, offers diverse research opportunities to study social behavior as well as the neural networks that represent social information. Students interested in joining the lab are strongly encouraged to participate in a 6-week summer internship prior to applying to graduate school. If you are interested in joining the lab as a doctoral candidate or a summer internship, please contact Dr. Neunuebel.